Let’s Have an Unforgettable Journey by Doing Ubud Bali Things to Do

Let’s Have an Unforgettable Journey by Doing Ubud Bali Things to Do

When you have you days off and wondering what place that you can go, why not visit Ubud, Bali? Everybody know Bali as one of popular places to visit in the world. We can say Bali is mini heaven for its tropical and exotic beaches. Beside beach, you can also check this Ubud Bali things to do below to have an unforgettable journey in Ubud.

Let’s Have an Unforgettable Journey by Doing Ubud Bali Things to Do

  1. Rice Fields Walk

For those who live in city and want to stay away from the town is doing one of Ubud Bali things to do that is walking on a path through the rice fields. Ubud is well known for many working rice fields. The most beautiful paddies to see is Tegallalang rice paddy. You can enjoy the amazing panoramic view and see the farmers working on the field. The rice paddy is located on the hillside and it has a beautiful wave like layers. Balinese seen rice as a gift from the gods. The farmers use a method of irrigation called Subak from 1,000 years ago until now. So, this Subak method not only practical, but also it has religious significance.

  1. Rafting in Bali Adventure Rafting

If you love challenge or extreme sport, then please check one ofUbud Bali things to do that is rafting inAyung River. By doing rafting, you can getting up close with theoutstanding river which is truly unforgettable. Besides seeing the outstanding river, you can also see spectacular waterfalls while passing the untouched Balinese rainforest. You can feel the Amazon vibe if you rafting here. It’s feels like passing through a long lost world. You will get safety helmet and life jacket, so you don’t have to feel worry about your safety.

  1. Swimming in Tegenungan waterfall

Swimming in Tegenungan waterfall is one ofUbud Bali things to do among all the spectacularly refreshing places found in Ubud. The flawlessly flowing fresh water will combined with the green and dense trees surroundings the waterfall will make a pretty view that you can ask for. The waterfall which is 15 meters in high is also favorite place to diving. Make sure you bring your water resistant camera. And don’t forget to visit temple and a bathing spot which you must visit.

There are many things to do in Ubud. If you are curious with other great activities, plese kindly check Indonesia Travel that will provide you the things to do in Ubud, Bali.

Some Ubud Bali Things to Do That You Should not Miss

Some Ubud Bali Things to Do That You Should not Miss

Bali has many tourist attractions in which you cannot visit the whole attractions in a day only. You must need to spend your whole life to explore all of the landmarks in Bali. One of the best and the most popular tourist destinations in Bali is Ubud. There are Ubud Bali things to do when you are visiting this nice destination which can excite you. Perhaps, you are curious about what you can get during your holiday in Ubud. In this article, Indonesia.travel USA will give a little info about Ubud Bali things to do that must be really fun and exciting.

Enjoying Rice Field View

Ubud is a location which has beautiful and natural scenery and away from the city crowdedness, so do not be surprised if you see so many rice fields around the road. However, the rice field of Ubud seems so unique because it is built on hills so that it forms rice terrace. Perhaps, you have ever seen this rice terrace on the internet or on TV. This rice terrace is really beautiful and looks so green and natural. During your visit in Ubud, you can view the amazing rice terrace in Ubud from when you stay. Besides, you can also get closer to the rice terrace and mingle with some farmers there.

Enjoying Lunch at Ubud Restaurants

Another Ubud Bali thing to do is enjoying lunch at Ubud restaurants. As we know that Ubud is located far away from the city of Denpasar so you can only find some restaurants that look so harmonious and traditional. Some of the restaurants are built close to the rice terrace in which you can enjoy your lunch while seeing the beauty of the rice field around. The restaurant is also fresh and comfortable because it is built in an open space. So, you may bring your family to come to Ubud and enjoy the typical meal of Indonesia in some available restaurants.

Riding a Bike in the Morning

If you want to enjoy your morning while exercising, then you can choose Ubud Bali things to do by riding a bike for fun. After waking up in the morning, you can rent a bike and then you can start your biking on the road. Of course, you will get the fresh air which makes you more relaxed as well as the beauty of the natural view such as Ubud forest, villages, and the rice terrace. You should not waste your time to sleep too long in the morning. Just wake up and start your morning with some fun activities.